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What is the virtual reconstruction of past heritage?

The virtual reconstruction of past or historical heritage is a technique that consists of using digital procedures to show the appearance that heritage sites may have had in the past, based on the interpretation of the vestiges and historical documentation available at present.

— Disappeared historical heritage comes to life

What benefits does virtual reconstruction of heritage bring to dissemination of history and cultural tourism?

¿How do we carry out a virtual reconstruction project?

Arkikus takes care of the full process of virtual reconstruction and dissemination of heritage, including the historical and geometric documentation of each heritage site, the generation of digital content, the implementation of on-site museography and the design and development of interactive apps. To this end we have an interdisciplinary team of experts who work together to ensure that you can visualize the past as if it were the present

— Each heritage site is unique. That is why each of the Arkikus projects is also unique.

Feasibility study

We evaluate each heritage site’s potential to be disseminated through new technologies. We design a tailor-made proposal, considering the needs of its socioeconomic environment, the possible financing channels and the communication strategy.


With the help of local experts, we analyze all the archaeological and historical documentation available in order to carry out a virtual reconstruction of the past with the maximum historical accuracy.

Physical documentation

We document the geometry and current state of heritage sites with the use of up-to-date techniques to obtain virtual replicas. From these we generate our reconstructions with precision and graphical accuracy.

Content development

We make virtual reconstruction a reality. We recreate architectures, environments and historical scenes to create a unique immersive experience. We write the texts and record the associated audios in various languages, using informative rhetoric.

Product generation

We adapt the content to a wide range of informative tools: interactive mobile or web apps, 3D infographics and videos, 360º photomontages, 3D printed models, museography material ...

Associated elements

We design, produce and install the on-site equipment that is necessary to complete the informative experience (information panels, directional signposting, printed graphics, stationery, etc.).

What technology do we use to virtually rebuild heritage?

— Innovation at the service of historical heritage

Scanning, point clouds

For the exact, precise documentation of the geometry of heritage sites we use techniques such as photogrammetry, LIDAR and laser scanning.

360º photography, video

We use 360º images to recreate 3D scenes and architectures, enabling them to be viewed in immersive and dynamic environments.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) help us locate the reconstructed elements in space with total precision.

3D modeling

Using up-to-date software, we recreate the missing volumes of each heritage site and add animated scenes.

HD rendering

We render the 3D models generated with the necessary textures and effects so that the final image is as realistic as possible.

Digital post-processing

We treat the images obtained so that the final quality is optimal and the viewer does not miss any detail of the reconstruction.

Mobile and web apps for virtual reconstructions

Arkikus develops mobile and web applications for the visualization of virtual reconstructions of heritage sites. Relying on the mobile devices of the visitors themselves, we generate unique, memorable and sustainable experiences.

Our apps have been given awards for the originality and quality of their content, as well as their design and interactivity. The apps’ features make them some of the most advanced options on the market today for virtual reconstruction of heritage:

— A time machine in your pocket

Why use the virtual heritage reconstruction apps produced by Arkikus?

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